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Online Ordering & Report Integrations

博188金宝基础医学提供在线订购,该服务l reporting, and EMR and API integrations to help integrate comprehensive genomic profiling into your workflow.

Services for Workflow Integration

We aim to make integrating comprehensive genomic profiling into your practice as seamless as possible. That’s why we offer digital services designed to improve workflow integration. Our EMR integrations can help bring patient results right into your practice’s EMR system, and we offer a Universal API for additional workflow and data integrations. For pathology labs, we provide apathology portalso you can access reports for specimens provided by your lab.

Foundation Medicine’s Digital Experience

Go Paperless with Online Ordering

Foundation Medicine’s online ordering application provides guidance on test selection, insurance, and supplemental information (e.g. pathology report, ABN or LMN), provides selectable entries (e.g. physician/facility and ICD-10 codes), and auto-fills fields based on previous entries. It prevents order submissions with missing information, reducing entry errors and order delays. You can upload attachments and documentation right within the portal.

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Get Instant Access to Reports with Digital Reporting

Get notified as soon as your patients’ test results are ready with a digital reporting account. Our portal allows you to track your order status as it moves through our lab. You can search results by patient, provider, or gene alteration identified. And you can share patient reports with other authorized users.

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Track Orders on the Go with our Mobile Application

You can check your reports’ estimated time of arrival, receive notifications when tests are placed on hold, and inquire about cases right from our mobile app. View and download patient reports from your smart phone - then plan patient follow-ups accordingly.

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Additional Integration Services

EMR and Research Data Integrations

We know how important easy access to your patients’ results is. That’s why we offer EMR interfacing services, using HIPAA-compliant processes to integrate test results into your workflow. We work directly with your Healthcare IT teams to ensure that your patients’ test data is integrated back into your patients’ charts automatically once the report is approved by our pathologists. In addition to report integration, we also provide research-grade structured datasets.

Universal API

We have built an API (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate your order workflow and data integration. You can place orders, receive status notifications, and receive results through the universal API. Technical Documentation is coming soon.

We’re Here to Help

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